The Hoop Community records and shares videos as a way of communicating to each other. Most videos are shared on Instagram these days. Before that, it was Facebook. And, before that, it was Youtube. To see my more recent “full length” videos, click the Facebook link at the bottom of the page to go to my profile. To see my latest videos, follow me on IG @hooppatherbaxter.

Paris is a channel. his site is www guerrillafunk com This song is off the "Sonic Jihad" album. WWW.HOOPPATH.COM twitter: hooppather

House, baby...It's all Good. Dance like you wanna. Song: "Hoopin' (Oliver $ Remix)" by Nils Ohrmann (Filmed on 2/20/12) twitter: hooppather

I love hooping to Living Light! If you don't know her stuff, look her up. ( I added some subtitles so that this video could also be a kind of tutorial, since I NEVER make them.
Balance as a Meditation.
(In Memory of Kimowan Metchewais, my first hoop compadre.) This is an excerpt from "The Transformation of a Man." I love Baba Dass. My intent is offer something to look at while we listen to him. The music behind me is "Lusine." Hopefully, one day, I'll meet him.
Friday, y'all. This is for all the stop, drop, and hoops I still owe people. No edits, one flow. I hope everybody gets to get down this weekend wherever you are. Peace.
(Filmed on 11/24/11) There are an infinite number of Ways to hoop. This is one of the ways I like. A lot of you have pointed out that I haven't put anything up in over a year, so here you go. I'll pop some more up soon.