Monday Night Dance Flow is a weekly, unguided community dance experience open to the public at the Old Murphey School in Durham, NC. 7:30-9 $7-15


Monday Night dance flow is an Ecstatic-like dance held every Monday (7:30-9pm) at The Old Murphey School in Durham, NC.
Each dance is open to all who wish to come and groove by themselves or in consensual contact with others. The cost is a sliding scale of $7-15 dollars. At this time the cover is cash only, please.

The music is provided by a rotation of DJ's who have been vetted and are friends of the dance. The music of this night is a little funkier than what you here at other dances.

If you haven't attended an ecstatic dance before, here are the basics:

The music for the night, or set, is constructed based loosely on Gabrielle Roth's "5 Rhythms" which are Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, and Stillness.

Each of these rhythms is usually 2-3 songs long, and the passage through these types of rhythms creates a "wave." In other words, the music moves from slow to fast to slow over the course of 70-80 minutes.

Dancing or moving through a wave can offer a dancer a very powerful, very mediative, and very fun experience. For dancers that want to connect with other dancers, waves can also offer a safe, non-verbal way of doing so.

Consent and safety is everything in the ecstatic dance community. Whether you want to dance with yourself only, or with partners you should feel safe and free in doing so.

At our dance we make available "Solitude" bracelets to those dancers who do not wished to be asked to dance. You can wear them for all or part of the dance. That's up to you. Wearing the bracelet is judgement free and you are not viewed as anything separate from the group.

The Doors will usually Open at 7pm for those that want to stretch or connect before the dance begins.

At 7:30pm those assembled will sit in circle. The facilitator that evening will go over the guidelines of the dance and introduce the DJ. The DJ will speak briefly and then the music will begin. It is totally ok to be late to a dance.

At the end of music, there will be a few minutes of silence, and then a bell will ring and the dance will be over. At that point you should feel free to speak again and connect with friends.

If you would like be a part of the team or a DJ, feel free to contact Baxter through facebook or on the page/groups email.