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HoopPath: Seattle "Peace Dojo" 2017

  • Northminster Presbyterian Church 7706 25th Ave NW Seattle, WA 98117 USA (map)

HP: Seattle "Peace Dojo" tour- 

(All workshops begin with 15 minutes of free warmup, and then we circle/talk for about 25-30 minutes.)

(To find single day tickets-if available-you will need to scroll/thumb all the way to bottom of the packages unitl you find the day you want)

Fri. 2/24/2017 (6:30-10pm) Core Movement & Freedom—
--Core Hoop Flow, Footwork, and finding Your Dance, Shoulders

Sat.2/25/2017 ) Ways of the Dojo: Peaceful Warrior Techniques
--Reframing and exploring HoopPath techniques that push expression and upgrade the Body
Foot work
Variations on Samurai

Sun.2/26/2017 (1:30-5:30 pm) The Ways of the Dojo- Touch
Point (Contact hooping)
2 Point

Hello, Seattle! 

Well, this is super last minute, but life just opened this opportunity to me! I know we don't have a lot of notice, so the prices are a LOT lower than what I normally charge. Hopefully, lowering the prices will help us get a bigger crew! The price for all 3 days is on sale for the next week, and then will go up $10.  

The Theme: “Peace Dojo”

For years, I have joked about the HoopPath being a type of “Dojo” within the greater Hoop world. This year, I have decided to push that idea further by offering a workshop tour based on the idea that the HoopPath is a ‘way’ or style of hoop dance training. On this tour, I will teach many of the foundational ideas, but I will also offer new techniques to build the flow and repertoire of the HP student. 

(This idea emerged from the successful Black Belt Trainings I did in the US and Canada.)

The goals of the “Peace Dojo” are to help students build their hoop practices so that they may find an expanded sense of peace in their daily lives. In addition to techniques, I’ll be exploring concept based exercises intended to boost the hooper’s confidence and creative freedom.

I know that I am known by many to be a ‘body rock/core’ teacher, but I’m really excited to expand into new techniques that have dominated my personal practice over the last couple of years. These won’t be completely new techniques to everyone, but everyone should find some new, exciting stuff in the lesson plan. 

Unlike past years, we will NOT be hitting the core (on-body hooping) *as* hard. Instead, we will spend more time on new techniques (2 Point, Gooey paddles, Balance) and freer, creative dance exercises for flow expansion. 

All skill levels are welcome, but if you’ve never hooped you may find some sections challenging.

Please bring your own hoop, blindfold, and water bottle. 

The first 15 minutes of each day are independent warm up time. We “Circle” at the beginning of each class for 20-30 minutes to start each class.

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