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HoopPath: Brooklyn Spring 2017

  • Gelsey Kirkland 29 Jay Street Brooklyn, NY, 11201 United States (map)

Brooklyn!  It's on!  
Well, after a scheduling mishap, we are back on with our Brooklyn Spring Workshops.  Although, this date has been set for a while, I was unable to offer tickets for sale until today.  I know the notice is short in that way, so this event is much less expensive than the last 2 years!  I have also shortened the classes to 3 hour blocks to help with the scheduling. 

**I have really, really reconnected with the Story upon which the HoopPath is written, called, "The Maidan Story."  I have used storytelling for many years to help my students connect to new flow inspirations.  On each night of this weekend, I will include some of these stories to give us a fresh and creative way to find our dance in the hoop. 

Friday, 4/7/17 6-9pm "The Hoop Get Down:  Letting Loose"
After being on the road with "Peace Dojo" the last 10 months, I have learned that many of my students are hungry for a night when they can just let go and dance with reckless abandon, with worrying about the latest greatest hoop tricks.  On this night, we'll work with various music styles and movement styles in order to unlock our freest, most pure Flow.  I will be offering some movement coaching and technique help, but this will be more of a flow-based experience.   The best way to consider this night's class is to think of it as a creative writing class for hoopers. 

Saturday, 4/8/17 1-4pm "Touch Techniques"
Touch techniques are hoop dance techniques that are designed and practiced in order to enhance a hoopers coordination, hand speed, and sense of touch.  Over the last year or so, I have become obsessed with a form called, 2Point.  2point is a pretty ninja-feeling technique, in which we hold the hoop with our hands, arms, and bodies without grip.  It's a great way to fold, hop, and balance the hoop.  This day will include many parts of the "story" I use to teach technique creatively.  All Skills levels are welcome.  The day will be a mix of music and technique.

Sunday, 4/9/17 1-4pm "Finding Balance"  
Finding Balance has always been a bedrock of the HoopPath practice.  Personally, I believe that EVERYONE needs a way to find (regain) their center, their balance, no matter how successful they may be at life.  For over 15 years, the hoop practice has done just this for me.  On this day, we will explore and develop techniques and exercises that I think do a phenomenal job of helping hoopers chill out, worry less, and develop focus.  Although we will explore lots of techniques, the most prominent techniques will be gooey core hooping, gooey paddles, and Balance.  I'm especially excited to commit more time than usual to exploring Balance-- we usually run out of time, so I am dedicating lots of time just for it!  

Gelsey-Kirkland Studio
29 Jay Street


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